Presentasi Dual Degree Class

I dont know Why I'm writing about this today but I feel like it's not fair if I'm only telling about myself and not also introducing my friend.

Okey, I know what're you thinking, It's not really important but you know what, my blog does not contain the important thing, so let's read the unimportant things.
By Salman Alfarish

In this picture, you can see the presentation presented by my friends, It's not the best part of my life to hear such presentation, I know it's boring but I have no choice but lisence.

Because this is a boring post happened in boring class written by a bored bloggger, so use this boring blog to heal your boredom.

Actually, for you readers you have a lot of more interesting choise than reading this boring blog, you can hang out, fishing ( still boring isn't it? LOL) listening to the music or whatever you wanna do. Let your life free, you only live once and dont let boredom make it boring.


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